Lifting & Construction

Heliservices is the company that built Hong Kong! With over 30 years of experience in helicopter lifting work, Heliservices provides a simple solution to lifting and construction projects which would otherwise be prohibitively expensive – or even logistically impossible – without the use of a helicopter.

Hong Kong’s mountainous terrain and many scattered islands can pose special challenges for the construction industry and civil engineers. Heliservices’ expertise, coupled with our highly qualified and experienced pilots, can help construction companies deliver equipment and materials to work sites such as remotely-operated radio transmitter stations. Major past projects include our involvement in the construction and reinforcement of power lines across hillsides and the Ngong Ping cable car linking Tung Chung with the Big Buddha.

Our helicopters fly in materials, supplies and even workers themselves when it is impractical for them to make their own way to the work site. We can also assist in assembling and erecting construction equipment after site delivery.

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