Hong Kong, located in East Asia, is a treasure trove combining modern urbanisation and natural wonders. Sai Kung and Hong Kong Geopark are two breathtaking destinations that blend natural beauty with geological marvels. A helicopter sightseeing experience allows you to see the magnificent landscapes of these regions from the air and immerse yourself in their unique features.






Sai Kung, situated in northeastern Hong Kong, is renowned for its tranquil bays, majestic mountain ranges, and captivating coastlines. During the helicopter experience, you will witness its verdant hillsides and picturesque bays, while within the Hong Kong Geopark, you will encounter awe-inspiring volcanic rock formations and island-type granite layers. These geological landscapes unveil the evolution of the Earth over millions of years, providing a profound understanding of our planet’s mysteries.



This helicopter sightseeing experience is not just a mere trip but a rare opportunity for anyone interested in geology, nature exploration, or simply captivated by the beauty of Hong Kong. It promises an unforgettable journey where you will experience the breathtaking beauty of Sai Kung and Hong Kong Geopark from the sky, feeling the sheer power of nature and the evolutionary history of our Earth.