A Bit About Us

Established in 1978, Heliservices is the sole and premier provider of rotary-wing services in Hong Kong. Heliservices is a part of the Kadoorie Group which was established over a century ago with a presence in China and offers a complete range of aviation services including aircraft charter for sightseeing and VIP services, filming and photography, lifting works, powerline maintenance and methodical inspection. Heliservices also provides aircraft management and maintenance services to round out the turnkey experience.

MD 902 Explorer

The 902 Explorer is a light twin utility helicopter and is the first MD helicopter to incorporate the no tail rotor (NOTAR) system in its design. The Explorer has been built largely from composite materials and is powered by a twin Pratt and Whitney PW207E Turboshaft engine. The MD902 is the first helicopter of its type in the Hong Kong region. It is the quietest helicopter in the world!

MD 902 Explorer

Fleet Composition:

Aircraft Registration – B-HNT, B-HUM, B-HUT

Dimension – Overall Length: 40.583 ft (12.37m) – Overall Height: 12.00 ft (3.66 m) – Width: 9.33 ft (2.84 m) – Rotor Diameter: 33.83 ft (10.34 m)

Capacity – Maximum take off mass: 2,948 kg – Max passenger allowed: 6 Passengers – Baggage compartment: 52 cu.ft (1.47 cu.m)

Performance Data – Engines: Twin FADAC Pratt & Whitney Canada Model PW207E Engines – Engine output (per engine): 710 shaft horsepower (shp) / 530 kW – Maximum / Cruise Speed: 140 knots – Fuel Capacity: 159 U.S. gallons (602 Liters)* * with auxiliary tank installed – Maximum Endurance: 3.1 hours – Maximum Radius of Action: 262nm Certified Operations: VFR Only


For 40 years Heliservices has provided aerial support to Hong Kong.

Whether it is showing visitors the sights of Hong Kong, or delivering telecom workers to the top of a high mountain, or precisely placing construction equipment in the middle of the jungle, safety permeates everything we do.

Bound by the strict standards of the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department, as an Air Operator’s Certificate holder, we put safety first and foremost of everything we do.

Our team of highly experienced aviation professionals ensure we will always give you a safe and enjoyable tour.

Our Team

Career Opportunities

Want to join a great team at a modern, developing company in the fast-paced and exciting world of aviation? Whether flying, maintaining or supporting the operation, there are many unique and exciting opportunities. If you possess the required skill set / relevant experience and desire to become a member of our team, you are welcomed to submit your CV to: hr@heliservices.com.hk