Mother’s Day is the day for men. You have the ideal opportunity right now to take concrete steps to show the significant women in your life how much you care and appreciate them. Work commitments may prevent you from organizing a trip or booking international travel, but we have the ideal answer for Mother’s Day in the hopes that you can create lifelong memories for your family.


Tip 1: Treat her to a good meal

Do you recall the last time you prepared food for your mother and wife? Try to make them breakfast and include an affectionate note to let them understand how much you cherish them. Sandwiches and cereal will always turn out well, even if you are not a terrific cook.


Tip 2: Spend quality time together

Now is the time to take things more slowly and spend time with the people you love. You can take your family to Tsim Sha Tsui, which is home to many museums.

Consider the following scenarios: you are watching the “Sky Tour: Window on the Universe” Sky Show while relaxing in the astronomical hall of the Hong Kong Space Museum; you take your mother to the “Recreating a Classic: The Best Features of The Hong Kong Story” exhibition at the Hong Kong Museum of History; you take your children to the “Hong Kong Science Museum” so they can have fun without your wife having to watch them all day and night.

This is what it means to appreciate life! There is always a location that is ideal for your family and leaves nothing but delight.


Tip 3: Create unforgotten memory

The trip’s high point is the pleasure of flying in a helicopter presented by Heliservices, which offers an unparalleled perspective of Victoria Harbor. You should try to give your family a better life whenever you can. It is vital to add some spark to an ordinary day. The helicopter experience will make Mother’s Day even more unique and push enjoyment to the next level.

You will soar over the “International Commerce Center,” the highest structure in Hong Kong, and photograph Victoria Harbor’s breathtaking scenery from a novel angle.

On the flight, the sense of freedom and clean air is delightful. Take some time with your family and forget about all of your issues. After all your effort, you and your family merit this.


Tip 4: Tick the wish list of her

Every woman dream of being treated as a princess. On Mother’s Day, Heliservices and The Peninsula Hotel are collaborating to provide you with a royal-like experience. After the flight, an exquisite afternoon tea is waiting for you in the hotel.

The fragrance spreads in the restaurant of the hotel, and each bite of food brings different stimulation to your taste buds. Make your mother and wife the queen and princess on such a special day.


Tip 5: Take good pictures on the good day

Taking images is the finest approach to preserving the memory for all time. Don’t waste the ladies’ neat appearance; instead, start getting your pictures ready for Instagram.

The first step is to accompany them to prime photo locations. A good photograph can be made in half by picking the right spot.

Here are the following solutions for you:


1. Signal Hill Garden

It has a three-story signal tower with a brick-red exterior wall and a distinctive spiral staircase, which is an excellent place to take pictures of the historic site and flowers.

2. Ocean Terminal Deck

It located on the rooftop of Ocean Terminal with a 270-degree panorama of Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong Island, and Kowloon. It is a nice place to take photos with the breathtaking view of the harbour.

The next step is to prepare for a hundred photo retakes. If you find yourself getting frustrated, take an in-depth look at your mother and wife’s cheerful expressions just because one good picture is taken. Remember to give them additional praise; it is appropriate to express our admiration in any circumstance. Everything has value only when they smile at you.

Let’s end the day under the sunset of Victoria Harbor with your love. Wish you a fly-star experience on Mother’s Day!