UAS Services

  • Filming and Photography
  • Aerial Filming for Live Events
  • Surveying and Inspection

Operational Guidelines

Safety: Our priority is safety, it comes first and above all else. We have a fully proven and integrated safety and maintenance system, and have designed standard operating procedure for our aircrafts to mitigate any potential risks.

Permissions: It is required by the CAD that all non-recreational flying to apply for an operation permit 28 days in advance. With our permanent operation permit, it makes scheduling a filming much easier and flexible. Range and operation time: Up to 300 feet above ground level and during daylight hours.

Weather: We can operate in light wind, but cannot operate in rain and will delay the operation if weather conditions make it difficult to operate safely.

Flight time: Depends on aircraft, weather and payload. In general, we are able to fly between 12-25 minutes.

Insurance: All our filming services include a global comprehensive third-party liability insurance, up to USD5,000,000.

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Drone Options

Inspire 2

  • 4K capable integrated camera unit
  • Dual battery system enhances safety
  • Fast setup, versatile and transportable, perfect for operating in remote location

Matrice 600

  • Newest hexacopter with 3 sets of GNSS units
  • High payload, designed to carry professional filming cameras, including special made 360 camera rig