Make your dreams a reality with Heliservices Ultimate Flight Experience! We offer several private helicopter tours showcasing the all wonders of Hong Kong, from the towering skyscrapers, The Big Buddha, and famous Victoria Habour skyline, to the tranquillity and scenery of breath-taking mountain peaks, the beaches and bays of local islands, as well as stunning local nature parks, including the internationally acclaimed UNESCO Hong Kong GeoPark. Heliservices offers the complete Hong Kong experience, with inclusive sightseeing aerial tours for six that includes round-trip transportation from your hotels to the helipad.

Here are a few of our most popular offerings:

Victoria Harbour Experience

This breathtaking 15-minute helicopter tour includes a private helicopter aerial experience around Hong Kong Island, with views of the famous Victoria Harbour Skyline and the beaches and bays of South Kong Kong Island.

Hong Kong GeoPark Experience

During this 30-minute private helicopter aerial tour, you’ll be invited to experience the contrast between the energetic Victoria Harbour and the serenity of Sai Kung, along with the internationally acclaimed UNESCO Hong Kong GeoPark.

The Big Buddha Experience

Here we combine the breathtaking Victoria Harbour Experience with the addition of stunning scenery around the Tian Tan Buddha (The Big Buddha), and the famous Tsing Ma Bridge. This 30-minute private helicopter tour also includes viewing of the outlying islands around Lantau.

The City and Nature Experience (Most Popular!)

This 45-minute private helicopter tour gives you a true scope of just how unique Hong Kong truly is! Here you’ll experience the best Hong Kong has to offer, the contrast of the islands, beaches and green mountain countryside in Sai Kung, versus the ever-changing high-rise urban splendour of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. Finish your private tour with a flight past either the Big Buddha or Tsz Shan Monastery (Guanyin)– your choice!

Complete Hong Kong Experience

This is the ultimate private aerial tour, which lasts approximately 60-minutes and includes everything mentioned above– spectacular views of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories, Lantau Island, and more.
Heliservices is the premier provider of helicopter services in Hong Kong, offering a complete range of aviation services, including private sightseeing tours, VIP charter flights, filming and photography services and more. Contact us today to book your Ultimate Flight Experience!

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