If you love adventure and incredibly beautiful scenery, you should definitely take a Hong Kong helicopter tour this summer! The absolute best provider of of helicopter services in Hong Kong is Heliservices, established in 1978, our experienced staff and time-tested techniques will ensure a memorable experience every trip. Just imagine flying over the city and experiencing the wonder of seeing the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong, as well as the contrasting greenery and stunning coastline, all from a bird’s eye view!

We also offer charter flights from our new Wanchai Helipad, perfect for business travellers as well as leisure travellers.– or anyone who would love to travel quickly and escape the crowded streets, rush hour traffic, and/or packed MTR. Flights seat up to 6 passengers and depart from the Wanchai Helipad, located next to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. We also offer round-trip transportation from several well-known hotels to the helipad.

Looking for a convenient and expedited means to the airport or Macau? Heliservices provides VIP charter services from the 30th floor of The Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong. Quoted costs are inclusive of chartering the entire helicopter (with seating for 6 passengers), along with luggage, from the city centre to either the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) via the Hong Kong Business Aviation Centre (HKBAC) or the Macau Business Aviation Centre (MBAC).

Flying privately on your own charter helicopter is a huge time-saver (boosting productivity and profits) for the business traveller, whilst still offering amazing views and thrilling sights from high in the sky.

Helicopter tours are also a great vacation adventure for a summer family outing, as well as those celebrating a honeymoon, a new romance, or an anniversary celebration.

For more information and no-obligation quote please contact Heliservices at +852 2802 0200 or info@heliservices.com.hk.